May 13, 2009

Secrets of Metatrader 4 terminal

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MetaTrader 4… It is widely known and unknown at the same time… Let’s consider those functions, which are available at our “work tool”, but which we either rarely use or do not know at all (in truth, few people read built-in help or other manuals).

Market review

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Right after installation, the Metatrader terminal often does not shows all instruments, accessible for trade, but only some. If you want to see the full list of possibilities, you should click the right mouse button and choose “Show all symbols” in the “Market Review” window.

Here, in the “Market Review” window, we can also change the arrangement of trading instruments in any desirable way. We just grab any currency or futures by the left mouse button and move it in the beginning of the list.

metatrader show all sybbols

In order to reduce traffic, it would be better to remove unused symbols from the market review (there can be hundreds instruments, accessible for trade, and MetaTrader downloads quotes for each instrument). “Market Review” -> “Hide all symbols”. So only those instruments, on which charts are opened or there are open positions or pending orders, will remain in the review.

metatrader hide all symbols

By choosing the “Symbols” menu, we can manually add in “Market Review” only those trading instruments, which we are going to use (double-click on the necessary instrument or by clicking on the “Show” button for the chosen instrument or the whole group). By the way, here we can see the time of trade and the expiration date (the date of change of delivery month under the futures). By pressing the “Properties” button, we can also get some additional information: margin rate for opening and maintenance margin rate, spread size for futures with spread, size and value of tick; and for forex instruments – size of spread and swaps rate.

metatrader symbols menue

You can remove a symbol manually: just click on it by the left mouse button and to press the “Delete” button (or choose the corresponding item in the contextual menu by the right mouse button).

In order not to keep all used symbols in the market review, you can divide instruments into groups and switch between groups whenever you want (for example, forex, futures, indexes, shares, etc.). You just need to hide all spare symbols and save the set.

metatrader  symbols save

Traffic saving: disable news in the terminal (Tools-> Options -> remove the tick in the “Enable News” line)

metatrader news

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